Past President: Joan Williams – 613 476 5029
President: Mary Ellen Closson – 613 968 3320
1st Vice-President: Evelyn Peck – 613-968-9402
Secretary: Linda Mitchell – 613 848 0220
Treasurer: Lorraine Fullum Bouchard – 613 399 3761
PRO: Wilma deWolde
ROSE (educ. coord): Nancy Wood
Tweedsmuir Curator: Brenda DeCastris
Financial Officer: Mary Lou Cameron
Arts & Crafts Coordinator – Wilma deWolde
Website Coordinator – Linda Mitchell

District Directors:
Cherry Valley – Dini Kempenaar
Consecon – Kim DeBruin
Demorestville – Barbara Foster
Hillier – Rosemary Istead
Mountain View – Susan Donly
Rednersville – Marlene Corfield
Wellington – Pamela Littlefair


Cherry Valley
Organized February 1908

President: Mary Lou Cameron
Secretary: Lynda Westervelt
Treasurer: Lynda Westervelt
R.O.S.E. coordinator: Dini Kempenaar
Public Relations: Wilma deWolde
Meets 2nd Tuesday of each month

Organized April 1913

President: Sue Holmes
Secretary: Heather Mattis
Treasurer: Heather Mattis
R.O.S.E. coordinator: Lynne Keene
Meets 1st Friday of each month

Organized March 1919

President: Vicki Quinn
Secretary: Diane Alder
Treasurer: Jo-Anne Lewis
R.O.S.E. co-ordinator: Barb Foster
Public Relations: Vicki Quinn
Meets 1st Wednesday of each month

Organized June 1914

President: Carol Haagsma
Secretary: Marilyn Rennie
Treasurer: Catherine Sutherland
R.O.S.E. co-ordinator: Peggy Burris
Meets 3rd Thursday of each month

Mountain View
Organized June 1908

President: Nancy Wood
Secretary: Linda Mitchell
Treasurer: Susan Donly
R.O.S.E. co-ordinator: Committee as a whole
Public Relations: Elizabeth Shantz
Meets 1st Wednesday of each month (except January)

Organized January 2, 1909

President: Evelyn Price
Secretary: Edith Cairns
Treasurer: Marjorie Bedford
Public Relations: Fay Wetherall
Meets 4th Thursday of each month

Organized February 1908

President: Betty Cronk
Secretary: Mona Rush
Treasurer: Wilma McCagg
R.O.S.E. Coordinator: Pamela Littlefair
Public Relations: Anne Trant
Meets 3rd Thursday of each month