Prince Edward District Women’s Institute Bursary Criteria

The bursary is open to residents of Prince Edward County. The applicant must have been a resident of Prince Edward County for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years immediately prior to applying for this bursary.

The applicant must be pursuing post-secondary education at a recognized institution, in Ontario.

The completed application must be received by the Prince Edward District W.I. secretary by NOON, March 31st, 2024. This deadline is firm.

An applicant can win the Prince Edward District Women’s Institute Bursary only once.

Students may apply for only ONE of the Prince Edward District Bursaries.

The bursary value is $1000.

Should the winner not be able to fulfill the criteria, the runner up will receive the bursary.

The winner should be available to receive the bursary in person.

We will consult with the school’s guidance office to assist in our decision.

For any Inquiries regarding the scholarship please contact: Susan Donly, Secretary, Prince Edward District Women’s Institute, 613-813-3729 or email .



    PART A: Personal statement (50 points)

    PART B: Personal development outside school (20 points)

    PART C: School-related extra-curricular activities (10 points)

    PART D: Community volunteer work (10 points)

    PART E: Scholastic Standing (10 points)


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